Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

Stand up for something even if it means standing alone

Today I've been traveling to Augsburg and bhought so many nice things in the beautyfully stores like pieces, promod,H&M,Pimkie and Iam  as god as everything was on sale for example a fake fur west was 45.00€ and now 13.00€ of course  I needed to have it .Finally the most things at H&M I allready knew but I bhout I bag(20€) in aprico (it was new) and 2 tops each for 7€ Here is are some things I bout but tomorrow I will show you the other things -In love Macy
Bag-H&M -20€-Lace top-New Yorker-10€-Tights-Pimkie-7€-Hairripe-Iam-2€

The Body Shop-Strawberry -5€