Dienstag, 30. April 2013

I love my life

Exactly at the time as this post goes up I'll be leaving school and have finished my french exam .yes I know very exciting .I went a bit shopping last weekend and I hope that I will be able to show this to you this week .This blog will be tourned completely different I don't really have this much time because of school but soon I'll have holidays (keep your fingers crossed that I'll be in Prague )and new posts will follow .Now that I finally have blogspot on my Phone I can blog ways more and more photos from my daily life wich is sadly not so exciting and mainly depends on school and studying .But as soon as something nice happens I'll let you know .This post is titled 'I love my life ' because I had only bad thoughts in my head and thought life was bad but I realized that this wont get me any far .Positive thoughts lead you to positive actions ! :)So even on the saddest days I try to find something good in life .I'll leave you now with some of my latest insta posts .I really enjoy this app more and more hihi :)

Sonntag, 28. April 2013

sunday love

hello everybody !recently I've been really Sick :( not alot of Fun and it is Even harder when it is Super warm outside and you have to stay inside . Anyway I'm ways better now but still not complete Fine and will be back to school tomorrow .This week is going to be okey . A french spaeking and writeing Test is yet to come but it is Super easy . Las week was Horror ,5 Tests in 3 days and 4 days ill !ugh !
I just hope you 'll have a great sunday + I'll be back in London this fall Holiday cant wait . if you have Secret places Wehre yo think I should have Seen Tell be in the comments below :)Now I ' ll leave you with some of my instagram photos you can follow me if you want my name is "marcih510"

Dienstag, 23. April 2013

I am going to be a youtuber ! YAY !

Hello everybody I just wanted to quickly inform you that I'll probably gonna start a vlog channel on youtube wich contains hauls , vlogs8for those of you who dont know what it is I will make little videos when I'm doing something interesting  like being back in London)  ,roomtours ,beauty tips all in all it will be a girly thing but I will also make it a lifestyle vlog  .I absolutely love talking english and it was only possible over the internet on skype to my english fellows so far :)
It is probably gonna start in 2-4 weeks until my first video will be up cause I want it to be as professionally as possible .And no there will be no video in german or in other languages it has got so many reasons wich are not worth listing just know that it is not my language and I am soo much better in talking  english than in any other languages.I watched  a lot of youtubers and started liking what they do and got really interested in the whole thing and I got the big desire to start it . Now that I am very busy with school I just did not wanted it to start wrong and wanted to be satisfied with the video.I am going to download 'i movie' and will edit it .And of course I want to find a good name for my channel aswell :)

I got the inspiration for youtubing from the lovely Zoe Sugg aka Zoella , Louise aka sprinkle of glitter ,fleur from fleur de force ,tanya from tanya burr ,jenna from jenna marbles ,lilly melrose aka llymlrs and not to forget the boys there are the handsome  Jack & Finn from JacksGap ,Marcus from MarcusButlerTv ,Alfie from pointlessblog ,Joe sugg from thatcherjoe ,Jim chapman aka himself ,caspar lee from dicasp ,and not to forget tyler from tyleroakley 
they are my bigest inspiration and I would love to meet them some time soon .Guys you are fab .Please check them out they never fail to make me laugh :)
may I introduce you :

Tanya Burr

Louise from Sprinkle of glitter

Zoe Sugg from Zoella

And not to forget the boys :

Jack an Finn harries

Alfie from Pointlessblog

and a lot more .. :)
I do not own these photos and only use them to represent the youtube crew .they belong to each owner wich are .Zoe sugg ,tanya burr, louise pentland ,Jack and Finn harries and alfie deyes 

Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

I choose to be happy pt.1

Hello,Stylerinos I'd like to tell you something about the change I made in the last year because I know a lot of people like to read hapiness related blog post and this is defentily one of them it is going to be quite long but be patient I hope it is going to be worth it .

Over the whole summertime I realized something that I was different than all my friends that I was interessted in things they didn't even mind and always felt ways older than my age .I didn't know how to react to this .You know I didn't want to lose my friends but I also didn't feel comfortable in the groupe .I know that so many boys and girls felt and may still feel the same as I did but there is one thing you most know -If you don't feel comfortable with your "friends" you really really really don't have to stay .It is ways better to be alone for some time than be with the complete wrong people .It ins't a bad thing and believe me you will meet new people you like .Especially in teenage time jung adults grow ( physical and mental )different some are less and some are more mature than the others and then you start feeling weird and different .I just didn't want to be in this company anymore .It's not like I pretend that these people aren't there anymore but I just separated from them .Trough my brother I got to know different people who are up to 4 years older than me but I just don't feel this I always think they are the same age as I am and I love them and ( I hope so well the tell me this a lot )the they love me too .It is a good feeling to be in such a company .If you don't have a brother you can join sport groupes or sit with the other girls (or boys) of your class .There are so many ways you can meet new people .Don't be afraid you wan't meet any .Believe me you will .I think it made me kind of sick .But now I feel more free and ways better .
This was a quite long text but it was very personal I hope everyone liked it and tell me if you'd like to have more texts like these :) xoxo Marci

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

I'm back with insipration

Hello everyone ! I know I haven't been here for a while because my laptop got broke and I had to use my Ipad where it is not possible to upload any pictures so there is quite much stuff I'd like to show you cause now I have my Macbook and an IPhone you can follow me on intsgram @marciofficial  .My life changed a lot recently and every once in a while I will show'em all to you .I have a complete new room .My style is complete different,I have new people around me and I feel better now maybe you can see this trough my tumblr.with this link klick here where you can see me updating everyday.I know it was kind of rude just to leave you with nothing but I didn't even know that this would happen so here is youre official sorry :)I think you like it better now to see me blogging because my life is kind of in an order right now .So here are some  pictures that inspired me a lot .enjoy
P.S Over the next few weeks and month there will be an new layout so watch out for it :)

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

when you feel so tired but you can't sleep

5 wochen ist es her ,tut mir wirklich leid aber da ich jetz ein komplett neuses Zimmer habe musste viel gemacht werden .Nur noch 1 woche und 2 tage schule bin ich froh .dann habe ich wieder was zu erzählen da in letztder zeit echt nix los war.und bald bin ich dann auch im Urlaub am Meer in Italien .und davon gibt es dann haufenweiße  Bilder.Ich weiß noch nicht ob es in den Ferienhaus Internet gibt .Jedenfalls bin ich dort dann 2 wochen.Hier sind fotos die ich schon ziemlich lange her gemacht habe (man sieht es an dem Wetter)
aber nie dazu gekommen bin sie einzustellen.Ich bin mit den Header und Layout auch nicht wirlklich zufrieden. mal schon wann ich da was verändern kann. /schreibt wie euch dieser Post gefallen hat xoxoM


I am really so but I wasn't possible to blog becouse I have a completlly new room wich I will schow you soon this is a outfit I took long time ago Hope you loke it and be sure to tell me what you think xoxoM

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Happy Never After

was für eine anstrengende Woche ,soo viel lernen und so viel zu tun wie ich es hasse aber nicht mehr lange und dann sind Sommerferien bin ich froh,weil mir im Moment iergendwie die Lust auf Schule komplett vergangen ist.Meinen Noten sind gut also denke ich nicht das ich mich mehr um Schule kümmern muss.Ich habe ja mal erwähn das ich bald nach London fahre .alles war gebucht da leider ein etwas dazwischen gekommen ist (ich möchte näheres lieber nicht erwähnen ) musste ich stonieren.also wird es bald soweit sein .hier noch ein paar Fotos was bei mir so los war xoxoM

Shoes:random,glases:ray ban,everything else:H&M