Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Sunday Portrait 13# Happy New Year

Oh dear what a year ! It was n't my best year but it ended pretty nice .I hope you had a as good party as I had it.Well today is the most uninterresting day ever I woke up at half past two I don't know why couse I got to bed at 2o' clock so I think sleeping almost 13 hours is a bit too long I won't go to bed this late anymore.Well I was so lazy last week I think it was the stress I had at school and everything and everybody  around me was that too so I had to take time for me .But this week will be full of nice things like shopping going to a indoor swimmingpool and other things.So I will have a funny last holiday week .I would like to share some show you how to make my faviorite meal but I showed yousomething like that in the last post so this is a style and Lifestyle blog os I think I don't want to be too boring :) I wish you guys the best 1st day or week in the year 2012 (it could be youre last hahaha :) No I don't believe that the world will go under  )  .Here are some photos I made thoose days .Enjoy :)


  1. du machst echt schöne bilder & dein blog ist auch echt klasse! bin grad zufällig auf deine seite gestoßen und sie gefällt mir voll gut =]

    liebe grüße, katharina

  2. Schöner Blog! <3
    Kannst ja auch mal bei uns vorbei schaun! :)
    Würden uns freuen! ;)

  3. dein blog ist echt voll toll ♥ !
    die bilder gefallen mir gut, aber vorallem dein header.
    würde mich freuen, wenn du mal bei mir vorbeschaust:

  4. schöner Blog (:
    Lust auf gegenseitiges Verfolgen? ich würde mich freuen

    Liebste Grüße

  5. I just wrote a part 1 about my year 2011. You can check it from here :))