Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

I'm back with insipration

Hello everyone ! I know I haven't been here for a while because my laptop got broke and I had to use my Ipad where it is not possible to upload any pictures so there is quite much stuff I'd like to show you cause now I have my Macbook and an IPhone you can follow me on intsgram @marciofficial  .My life changed a lot recently and every once in a while I will show'em all to you .I have a complete new room .My style is complete different,I have new people around me and I feel better now maybe you can see this trough my tumblr.with this link klick here where you can see me updating everyday.I know it was kind of rude just to leave you with nothing but I didn't even know that this would happen so here is youre official sorry :)I think you like it better now to see me blogging because my life is kind of in an order right now .So here are some  pictures that inspired me a lot .enjoy
P.S Over the next few weeks and month there will be an new layout so watch out for it :)


  1. schöner blog :) bin grade erst neu auf blogger :) würde mich freuen wenn du mal vorbeischaust <3

  2. Hey:)
    total süßer Blog :)

    Wir sind jz Leser, und vielleicht schaust du mal bei uns vorbei! :p

    liebe grüße