Dienstag, 23. April 2013

I am going to be a youtuber ! YAY !

Hello everybody I just wanted to quickly inform you that I'll probably gonna start a vlog channel on youtube wich contains hauls , vlogs8for those of you who dont know what it is I will make little videos when I'm doing something interesting  like being back in London)  ,roomtours ,beauty tips all in all it will be a girly thing but I will also make it a lifestyle vlog  .I absolutely love talking english and it was only possible over the internet on skype to my english fellows so far :)
It is probably gonna start in 2-4 weeks until my first video will be up cause I want it to be as professionally as possible .And no there will be no video in german or in other languages it has got so many reasons wich are not worth listing just know that it is not my language and I am soo much better in talking  english than in any other languages.I watched  a lot of youtubers and started liking what they do and got really interested in the whole thing and I got the big desire to start it . Now that I am very busy with school I just did not wanted it to start wrong and wanted to be satisfied with the video.I am going to download 'i movie' and will edit it .And of course I want to find a good name for my channel aswell :)

I got the inspiration for youtubing from the lovely Zoe Sugg aka Zoella , Louise aka sprinkle of glitter ,fleur from fleur de force ,tanya from tanya burr ,jenna from jenna marbles ,lilly melrose aka llymlrs and not to forget the boys there are the handsome  Jack & Finn from JacksGap ,Marcus from MarcusButlerTv ,Alfie from pointlessblog ,Joe sugg from thatcherjoe ,Jim chapman aka himself ,caspar lee from dicasp ,and not to forget tyler from tyleroakley 
they are my bigest inspiration and I would love to meet them some time soon .Guys you are fab .Please check them out they never fail to make me laugh :)
may I introduce you :

Tanya Burr

Louise from Sprinkle of glitter

Zoe Sugg from Zoella

And not to forget the boys :

Jack an Finn harries

Alfie from Pointlessblog

and a lot more .. :)
I do not own these photos and only use them to represent the youtube crew .they belong to each owner wich are .Zoe sugg ,tanya burr, louise pentland ,Jack and Finn harries and alfie deyes 

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