Dienstag, 30. April 2013

I love my life

Exactly at the time as this post goes up I'll be leaving school and have finished my french exam .yes I know very exciting .I went a bit shopping last weekend and I hope that I will be able to show this to you this week .This blog will be tourned completely different I don't really have this much time because of school but soon I'll have holidays (keep your fingers crossed that I'll be in Prague )and new posts will follow .Now that I finally have blogspot on my Phone I can blog ways more and more photos from my daily life wich is sadly not so exciting and mainly depends on school and studying .But as soon as something nice happens I'll let you know .This post is titled 'I love my life ' because I had only bad thoughts in my head and thought life was bad but I realized that this wont get me any far .Positive thoughts lead you to positive actions ! :)So even on the saddest days I try to find something good in life .I'll leave you now with some of my latest insta posts .I really enjoy this app more and more hihi :)

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